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Feeding ourselves: Vegan food, art, and all the treats

  It’s been quite an up and down week. I’ve been feeling quite tired and grumpy, and like I’m not really ready to go back to work tomorrow. I’m feeling better now, but was feeling pretty grim at the beginning … Continue reading

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Life with an artistic scanner

Our coffee table, all the damn time…

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Cool artsy stuff with Jade Herriman

A few weeks ago I came across the blog of Jade Herriman. It looked like she was doing something interesting but it wasn’t until this morning that I had time to take a bit of a dive into her blog … Continue reading

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On finishing things, or, I made a thing, eep!

When I started writing blog posts about the connection between creativity and mental wellbeing I initially thought that I would write one, let it loose, see how it flew. Then I had an idea for another one, but I thought … Continue reading

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Quick review: Body of work by Pamela Slim

I’ve not blogged this week as I’ve not really been at my best, and¬†have been doing the ‘one thing at a time’ thing this week. I’m not going to do a long piece now¬†should be back tomorrow with something a … Continue reading

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Making and mental health: Arts as a transformative practice

I have been musing over the last few weeks in what has turned into a little blog series about how having an arts practice can be a positive thing for mental health. It certainly works on some level for me. … Continue reading

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Business bites: bank accounts

I’ve gained a load of new followers this week. Hello! So lovely to see you over here. For the who are new (which is the majority) one of the threads running through this blog is a exploration of how easy … Continue reading

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