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An English Summer: Early morning mists in the old forest

Lockdown is lifted and we can journey into the ancient forest again. An early start. On our short drive, the trees gradually reveal themselves in layers of green. The view is softened; we are watching the day form itself into … Continue reading

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My cats have opinions on our interior design

We moved into our new digs just before Christmas, and just three months before baby magpie was born. The previous owners were quite fond of woodchip wall paper, which isn’t really to our tastes. Given everything that has happened, since … Continue reading

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Update: Write every day?

A month or more ago I wrote here about trying out the ‘write every day’ approach. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me after baby magpie was born, but frequently didn’t have more than twenty minutes at a … Continue reading

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Pick up the baby: dealing with writers block when looking after a small person

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have set myself the inadvisable task of trying to finish (and publish, or find a publisher for!) my novel this year while I am on maternity leave and also looking after … Continue reading

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Seen in South London

In the UK we’ve been in ‘Lock Down’ for about three months. Although technically we could have been going out and about for a walk for an hour a day as part of our ‘daily exercise’, we decided to stay … Continue reading

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Motherhood: time moves differently here

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted anything as I have been engaged in a final push to finish a first draft of my novel. As I get closer and closer to the end I feel more motivated … Continue reading

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Finding stillness, living in the present, and looking after a baby

Here in the UK we’ve been in ‘lock down’ for nine weeks (I think, I have lost count). In the Magpie household we entered lock down with a two and a bit week old baby to look after, and little … Continue reading

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‘I’ll fix that later’: things that help when trying to write and look after a baby.

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Toe beans

We have two black cats who are difficult to take a photo of at the best of times. Since we moved into the new house however they do seem a little more relaxed. Recently the more irritable of the two … Continue reading

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Late night research and the Hidden Life of Trees

Followers of this blog may know that I’ve been working on a novel for some time (like ten years worth of time). I think it’s taken so long because it took me a while to work out what kind of … Continue reading

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