New design, new series. DIY soul repair.

skull society 6 sub

I’ve been working on this one for a while, and there were a few ‘works in progress’ posts on this project as I went along. I am thinking of this as the second in the series to this piece. I am thinking about a series of designs that relate to the concept resilience, of how we keep going after knocks, bruises, broken bones and heart break. DIY should repair.

Here is the finished thing. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Things with this thing on available here.



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Animation, finally finished

I have been working on this little animation for what feels like forever. It is a short excerpt from a documentary that I am working on which will eventually feature animated sequences alongside filmed footage.

I’ve had to re-start it several times because of mistakes I made when I set it up, and through getting my head round how to combine my paper cut art work with digital animation and film making soft ware. It has been a real trial and error journey to get to this.

If you have time please have a look and let me know what you think. The film is just over 30 seconds long so short enough for a quick peek. I would love to know what people think about this.

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New work: Time to get wobbly.

I’ve just added a new work to Redbubble. I was trying for something irreverent and funny. Possibly suitable for festive times. At the same time I tried to keep it simple.

time to get wobbly society 6 2

What do you think? I had made the paper-cut champaign bottle and glasses some time ago for an animation I did that really didn’t work that well. It’s nice to see them have a bit of a new life in this design. It’s a tangible reminder that things can go wrong, or not work out, but in creative work none of those efforts are really a waste. Some part of that experience, sometimes even the bits of work them selves that didn’t quite work the first time, can be useful in some other project later down the line.

Things with this thing on available here.

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Wednesday work in progress

Nearly there with this one. Just a few bells and whistles to finish off.

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Friday Finisher

moonlight magpies

I finished off this design this week. Magpies made of moonlight flowers. I finished this one off by using the silhouette of the magpies I finished off earlier in the year as the as an outline to cut the moonlight flowers I completed a couple of weeks ago. All completed in photoshop.

So far I have it on a white background. What do you think? Would something darker be better?

Things with magpies on here at Redbubble.


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Wedesday work in progress

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Thinking about the slow road.

I have not been well for the last week or so. Just a cold, nothing serious but I have be wiped out with some pretty heavy handed fatigue. So I have not been able to do very much, other than cut a few paper flowers. My brain is still a bit foggy this morning, as I write this from bed. I have been thinking quite a lot about patience and taking the slow road recently and I think being ill this last week has only reinforced that thought track.

I have felt quite ‘slow’ recently. Current western culture appears to move very fast to me, as if we are always seeking out the next thing, and then the next, without quite processing the things that came before. Sometimes this makes me feel like I’m not getting anywhere, like I’m stuck, because I’m still working on the thing before the last thing. I have plenty of juicy ideas, so I end up with a stack projects up for myself like other people stack up pancakes and maple syrup. This can be very frustrating, sometimes I see no progress at all.

This week I’ve had plenty of time to just sit with things, as I’ve not been able to do much. I was able to look a bit more carefully at the slow creep of my arts projects and see some progress. I seem to have deliberately chosen process and techniques that take time and require patience. I use hundreds of paper flowers in my art, each one cut by hand. I chose to animate parts of my documentary, rather than just cut film shots together. I am curious as to why I seem to choose the slow road so often.

Recently I swam 2 miles in the serpentine lake in London during the Swim Serpentine swimming festival. I chose breaststroke, a slower but sturdier stroke, than the majority of other swimmers. With each stroke I could see I was ever so slightly closer to the finish line. I saw many swimmers charged past in a splashy front crawl to begin with, only to find myself swimming past them later in the swim (not that I came anywhere near the front, I’m not athlete!). I guess the lesson for me in all of this is to value my slowness, and trust that the careful, creeping accumulation of work will eventually bloom in to something a bit more exciting.

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