About the Magpie at Midnight


Welcome to the Magpie at Midnight.

My name is Rose Thompson and I am a sometimes artist, film maker, and writer who flies under the name of Midnight Magpie on a number of social media channels. For my ‘Day Job’ I am a social sciences researcher who works in mental health. I also have personal experience of wobbly mental health and of infertility, and these experiences inform my work.

This is the website where I collect together thoughts, images and samples from the creative work I have been doing. I tend to take a long time to finish things, which means that I have been working simultaneously on two big projects over the last few years. The first is on a documentary which is related to mental health and trauma. The second is a novel that is a strange combination of the psychological and fantasy genres.

I also make stand alone pieces of art, my weapon of choice being a good pair of scissors and a range of arts quality and recycled papers. For an example of my art work have a look at my Kissing in the Forest, or DIY Soul Repair collections on Redbubble. If you are interested in buying original pieces or commissions please contact me directly at rose@magpieatmidnight.co.uk.

I also collect together some images from my art, bits of my writing, samples from my film and other connected thoughts and ideas in my blog here. I try blog about creativity, wellbeing and mental health, the environment, being creative when you have a small person to look after, and to sometimes show case some of my ‘works in progress’.

My arts practice includes writing, play writing, paper cut art, paper cut animations and documentary film making. I draw narrative influences from myth, psychology, and the natural world in my work.

I have been slowly developing as an independent artist and writer, alongside my day job in mental health research, for some time. I now have a patreon here where you can support me, and a range of other talented artists, in our work.

You can also follow me on Instagram here, Twitter here, Youtube here and on Vimeo here. At the moment my art is available on a range of products through Redbubble.