Avoiding Christmas burnout

I’ve been trying to do too much over the last few weeks and over the last week have been super tired. My posting here has slipped a bit because of this, but hopefully I’ll have a bit more time after I finish up work for the holidays next week. Having got my self to a state of this kind of tiredness, I’ve been thinking a bit about what people mean when they talk about self care. 

Last weekend I should have been finishing off some art work I’d been commissioned to do (which the paper cuts above are part of) and instead my boyfriend and I decided to go for a long walk and a visit to the pub. We managed to find ourselves walking as the sun was setting into this amazing burning pink orange display, just before it sank over the horizon. In the part of Kent that we live in, excitingly we have wild green parakeets. Just at sunset more and more birds took to the air so that we were treated to the sight of the silhouettes of these lovely birds set against the red sky. I would have missed it if I had been working on my commission.

When I was young my granddad used to have this catch phrase; ‘when there is work to be done we must cut out the fun’. I never really identified with it, but have found my self working harder and harder to fit in various artistic projects around a full time day job. I still have my commission to finish off this weekend, and a Christmas party to squeeze in somehow. These feel like difficult times and I am sure that many people are a bit like me just before Christmas – head down, trying to finish things. I think that maybe sometimes, when there isn’t much time, self care is as simple as lifting your head up, and looking at the sun as it dips below the horizon.

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