Christmas baubles

We put up our Christmas tree today. I’s a bit earlier than usual for me but this is the first year my partner and I have lived together so rather exciting. I’m not particularly religious but I do like Christmas very much. I think I have manages to surprise the boyfriend by my secret love of sparkles and glitter. I’ve been making some bits for our tree this year as I was enjoying the process of designing and making things that are all about celebration.

These are made from polystyrene spheres. I’ve covered them with black tissue paper and hand cut papers stars or flowers depending on how you see them. I tend to use a combination of recyled papers and arts quality paper. I’ve found there is something quite meditative about slowly building up layers of paper and glue. Anyway, I think they look nice on the tree.

I really like the rituals around Christmas, particularly the traditions that have roots in cold snow bound countries and that probably originate around marking the winter solstice. Somehow for me there is something quite magical about the sparkle of ice and snow. I like having a tree, and sharing warm food and wine with people around them. I hope everyone is enjoying kicking off with their own winter traditions and their winter time making.

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