Creative Prompt: The Doll

I frequently see ‘lost’ toys and children’s clothes or shoes when I am out and about. I’ve got quite a collection of photographs as there is often something a little forlorn about them, like they are waiting to be reunited with the small being they belong to. Some of those photos feel like they belong on the cover of a mystery novel. But I don’t frequently post them here as most of the time they provoke the same set of thoughts or feelings for me.

However, I took the photo of this particular little doll because it felt different to those other lost toys. The way it is dressed to resemble a someone ready for work or school caught my attention, like it could have been constructed to resemble a specific person. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I began thinking that it looked a little like the kind of artefact someone might produce in order to cast a spell. I’d like to think that the little smile on the face of this doll was placed there to convey a positive intention, perhapse it is a charm to bring luck or fortune in a new job or studies. Or perhapse not.

Who do you think the little doll was made to represent? What may fate or fortune bring them?

I’m not a huge fan of creative exercises, so it’s not my habit to tell people what to do with these prompts. There are lots of options – a scene, some flash fiction, a short story, an idea for a short film or a physical piece of art. If you do have a go with this one and would like to drop the result in the comments please do so. I would be very interested to see what people make of these so please do link to blog posts or comment below.

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