Curiosity, creativity and an encounter with an oven

Just before Christmas I was out in the morning doing the nursery run, when I spotted this oven and stopped to take a photo. I liked the way that it was peaking out from behind the tree. I was thinking to myself I wonder who left that there? Why leave it there, although the poor thing has probably been fly tipped and is destined for the dump.

On my way back from my encounter with the oven my mind followed a tangled strand of thought into the area of curiosity and creativty. At the moment I don’t have a huge amount of time to spend on my creative projects, most of my time is spent either working on the day job, or looking after Toddler Magpie. Sometimes this is frustrating, but I am not sorry. Time spent with him has been it’s own eduction is creativity.

That morning I was thinking about how if you are a toddler, expressing curiosity and giving something a try, even when you can’t really do it yet, is cause for celebration and encouragment from people around them. Somehow by the time we reach adulthood, for many of us this exact same process has earned us ridicule and sometimes even rejection. I began to wonder if the fear of being seen to get something wrong, or to not to already know the answer, stifles the natural curious instincts we are born with in many adults. Maybe adulthood trains it out of us, as we are busy struggling through other things?

During this last year and a bit of creative prompts (for all the links see this post) I have found myself re-claiming that sense of curiosity. Perhaps I am now known locally as that eccentric lady with a pram who stops to take photos of rubbish. I think I can take that. These days I’m too busy asking myself questions that often lead to other ideas and other creative projects.

I wonder who?

I wonder what?

I wonder why?

I wonder how?

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