Creative Prompt: A sign of our times

Recently, while out and about, I have felt compelled to take pictures of masks I see discarded on the street. These have been strange times, and while I’m not quite sure why I feel the urge to do this, I am sure part of the impulse is to document this historical moment a little bit.

Most of the photos I have are of different coloured versions of what is essentially the same design of disposable masks. These are clearly not designed to last more than one wearing, and I feel kind of sad that we’ve found yet another reason to litter the streets (at least near where I live).

However, on occasion I see masks that are obviously lost, rather than discarded. Those masks are obviously built to last, and often include vibrant fabrics as a kind of protest against our often gloomy situations.

This mask, dropped in the road on a sunny day, caught my eye in particular. It looked like it may have been sewn by hand, with the intention of lasting a long time. The bright colours suggest the person who made it may have a more hopefully outlook, too.

It makes me wonder who made this mask? Who did they make it for? How did they choose this particular fabric?

I’m not huge fan of creative exercises, so it’s not my habit to tell people what to do with these prompts. There are lots of options – a scene, some flash fiction, a short story, an idea for a short film or a physical piece of art. If you do have a go with this one and would like to drop the result in the comments please do so. I would be very interested to see what people make of these.

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3 thoughts on “Creative Prompt: A sign of our times

  1. I hate how many people wear single masks and then just drop them – it’s especially unhygienic, I mean what if they had covid? But it’s annoying for the people who spend a lot of time and then lose them :/ You bring up an interesting point x

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