Learning to be a mum

We’ve been using terrycloth nappies to avoid sending tons of rubbish to landfill, but it’s been a bit of a learning curve. Let’s just say partner’s attempts to domesticate me are getting less and less subtle!

I also make art. You can see things with my designs on at my shop here. Could even treat yourself if you wanted to. Just saying. If buying art is not your thing, but you would like to support what you see I also have a Patreon Page here.

6 thoughts on “Learning to be a mum

      • I remember before I gave birth I went to a class on breast feeding. I innocently asked the question about if you’re at wits end, how do you introduce the bottle. The instructor shamed me. Three questions later, the instructor admitted she had no children and never breastfed. FYI…I would go on to successfully breast feed my daughter for a year, because I got rid of the guilt of perfection.

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      • Gosh that’s helpful to hear. We’ve not had great success with breastfeeding although it’s getting better now. I’m expressing lots of milk so he’s still mostly breast milk fed but some people have been quite pushy that it should come directly from the breast rather than via a bottle.

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      • Happy mommy is the best mommy. Tune out everyone else. If you need a pep talk I’m hereto listen and I’ll definitely tell you you’re a great mommy because you just want to do the best for your kid. Happy mommy can love freely. Worried mommy not so much. You are doing great and will continue to do so.💗💗

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