Reader, I was played

We are away at the moment for a long weekend in Cambridge.

I like spending time in different UK cities and towns as I always, without fail, find something a bit interesting, unusual, or inspiring. Here I have been particularly taken with this blue roof.

We’ve not been out and about as much as usual on this trip, but have been spending a bit more time just being together. I thought we were here as a birthday getaway, but it turns out that the lovely boyfriend had other plans.

For quite some time he has been telling me that he doesn’t really believe in marriage or that he has some issues with inequalities in the legal structure of it. Put it this way, I was convinced that he wasn’t for the idea. So I was completely suprised when he proposed on Friday evening. He had been planning it for quite some time. Reader, I was played.

And now I am engaged.

9 thoughts on “Reader, I was played

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