I went to see the play Angel at the Arcola Theatre in London, UK yesterday. It was very powerful and moving and upsetting, and all sorts of good things. I think it is also an important play in that it’s all about women as active people, as fighters, in the conflict in Syria. I think in the media war is so frequently framed as being a male enterprise, men fight and women are the passive victims or collateral damage, that we may forget that there will be stories, that don’t fit this narrative, that don’t get widely told. Important things are inevitably left unsaid. The reality is probably much more messy and complicated than this and involves many, many women in active fighting roles of one kind or another. I think for that reason this play does what good writing should do – makes you think differently about something you may not have thought much about at all.

I was going to write a longer post about something else this weekend, but I’m kind of in a bit of a grumpy slump so that can wait until next week. You should see this. Really. If you can.

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