Some more news: Redbubble

spring blue back 2

After doing a little digging I have decided to try out Redbubble as a route for selling my designs alongside Threadless. I am really new to selling art online and I am not sure which option will be best for me so I am going to experiment with both sites for the moment. Both sites allow for a similar service, but have a slightly different range of products and different arrangements for paying UK artists. I will be blogging a bit about how I get on with both sites, but for now I will leave it at introducing my Redbubble portfolio (which happens to look a lot like my Threadless portfolio).

I have been using paper cut and mixed media techniques at the moment and have been pretty pleased with the results. Both sites seem to be handling the digital photos of my work well, which is important as my style is relatively delicate and the details are important to making the aesthetic work.

So here is is, my Redbubble portfolio.

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