Sunday Doodle

We’ve just got back from spending the weekend in Brighton (UK). It’s one of my favourite places. I like that the city has a visible artistic community. I like the Victorian heritage visible in the architecture of the beautiful train station and the many of the features on the beachfront. This time we also took advantage of a number of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants and ate some really yummy food.

This week we’ve not been doing very well with the vegan food. I’m actually glad that we’ve slipped up as much as we have because I’ve been able to track how different I feel when I’m eating more meat and drinking more. I’ve certainly felt a lot worse this week, and have also felt a lot more anxiety this week too. Some of that was work related, but it’s a good reminder of how the mind and the body are not separate, isolated entities. After a number of delicious vegan meals out in Brighton this weekend, I feel like we’re getting back on track for healthier eating this week.

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