Spending my time twice 

I’ve not really had much time this weekend to blog. In my mind I’ve managed to spend my time twice. I don’t know how many people have the same problem but this is a frequent problem of mine. This weekend I planned to go for a walk, go to the cinema, see some friends, work on my documentary, and see some friends for lunch. And blog. And work on some other creative projects. And cook some elaborate dinners. We actually managed to tick quite a few of these off the list, but was never going to get all of these done. So, short blog today.
A few years ago I found that milk didn’t agree with me and so I started cutting it out. I don’t eat a huge amount of sugary or sweet things, but one of the things I did quite miss was rice pudding. Turns out that Vegans already had this covered. Coconut milk rice pudding for supper this eve. 

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