Fireworks and autumn leaves

I’ve been enjoying autumn. Yesterday I took a drive with my partner and his mum through Kent and Sussex. It’s easy when you live in a busy city like London just how beautiful this funny little country is. It didn’t take long for us to be driving through rugged wooded countryside and small rural towns full of pretty cottages. Autumn is splendid this year. The countryside is rich in red and gold, copper and bronze. This flare up will not last long. This season, perhapse a little more than others, feels like one of nature’s ways of prodding us into mindfulness. See this moment, stare into the richness of the scene. Smell the bonfire scent on the air. For all this soon will have passed.

Last night I went to the first firework s display I’ve been to for years. My sister used to live abroad and I used to find myself out of the country around this time of year visiting her. There wasn’t a bonfire. We were by the sea and the fireworks were launched off the end of the peer, soaring into the inky dark sky and exploding, their sparkle and colour reflecting off the water. Turn away for a few moments and you would have missed it. It’s not often that we just stand and look at something beautiful, but last night the beach was full of faces turned up to the sky.

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