The Magpie at Midnight

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot more creative ‘stuff’ and have at the same time been pondering what it is I actually do. What would I describe my stuff as? What would I describe my self, as a creative type, as? My life has taken a pretty academic path up until now, so these questions caused me more difficulties that I would have expected. I come from a family full of creative people so in suddenly cranking up my own creative output in the context of all these people who have worked so hard at it for so long, I felt I may be in for a visit from the fraud police.

I finally came to rest on the idea of collage. I think that’s pretty much what I do – I bring together shiny things and ideas, bits of paper, both specially sourced from art suppliers and recycled, bits of wool and cloth, old jewellery and copper wire to create things. I’ve been dabbling with numerous ways of doing things without ever feeling I could say I have mastery over any of them, to create things that I really end up liking. Knitting, crochet, Decopage, drawing, animation, writing and storytelling have all been eye openers for me, and greatly enriched my practice from the place at which I started, which was cutting. In the headers for this blog there is a photo of a blanket I made for my sister. It took my almost 7 years, on and off, to finish, with very limited knitting and crochet skills, but it was pretty satisfying to hand over the final product, with all its imperfections.

I started this blog with the idea of creating a kind of online collage, a place for late night ramblings, ideas and new adventures in making all collected together. I hope that anyone reading will find something to enjoy.

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