A thing I’ve been listening to, and you should listen to too: Scroobius Pip and Distraction Pieces Podcast

So while I’ve been getting steadily more and more pregnant I’ve been finding it a bit difficult to do things. However, that has meant that I have had a lot more time on my hands to sit in the bath and listen to podcasts. I came across the Distraction Pieces Podcast almost by accident as I saw that Neil Gaiman was doing an interview with the host, Scroobius Pip and I thought I would have a listen.

I’d actually been aware of Scroobius Pip for quite some time after a friend put me onto his spoken word poetry and music a number of years ago (which you should also check out). I have seen him perform live and he was great. It was also at one of his gigs where I came across Kate Tempest and her amazing work so I have many reasons to like what he does.

I started off by listening to his interview with Neil Gaiman and have been hooked ever since. He has an extensive back catalogue to get through, which I will look forwards to during those late night feeding sessions. If you want to know why you should give him a go I think that for me the thing I really, really love about his podcasts and that is that he is so human. He has interviewed a whole bunch of very interesting creative types, and when he meets someone who excites him for interview, you can tell them that he is really excited. When he thinks something is important he speaks with real passion about that. He also has a stammer, and I really love that this is sometimes present in his interviews, and that he will talk about that openly rather than avoid the subject. I have found the interviews that I have listened to so far really thought provoking, and often inspiring. If you have not heard of him yet you are in for a treat.

If you take a look at his back catalogue and don’t know where to start I would particularly recommend an episode from late 2019 called #293 Stammer Special, with Natalie, Owen and George. For some reason I can’t directly link to the episode but I do recommend that you take the time to look for it.

He has a website here for all of his collected stuff.

If you are into Patreon, which I am, you can support him here.

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