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Veg from the garden

A handful of veggies from the garden went into my dinner this evening. Looks like my evening watering sessions have paid off a little bit.

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Tomato trauma – help appreciated!

Blogger hive mind (the bits that know something about growing veg anyway), I need some help. This has happened to quite a lot of my tomatoes. I am pretty new to growing things and I don’t know what this is. … Continue reading

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Courgettes in bloom

Our courgettes are blooming right now. We even have one well on its way to the supper table.

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Courgette update: time and benign negligence 

The courgette keeps on growing with very little attention for me. We have had rain and sun this week and all I’ve needed to do is top up the moisture levels with a few watering cans of water now and … Continue reading

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Courgette update – I’m growing a little monster

This is the courgette plant a week later. Look at it go! We’ve had a very sunny week and I’ve kept on top of the watering this week. Looks like my (minimal) efforts are paying off. I have six little … Continue reading

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New shoots

There have been some awful things happening in London in the last few weeks. I look at the news and each day seems to bring a new saddness. I have been luckily unaffected by all that has happened, but am … Continue reading

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