Another Christmas Doodle

redbubble christmas card 2

My boyfriend and I are quite into tickling, which is where the idea for this little doodle originally came from. I have been feeling really tired and flat for the last few months, for reasons that I may blog about in the near future. It has been really nice over that last few weekends to create some cheerful little Christmas themed bits and pieces, to cheer me up as much as anyone else. If you were that way inclined you could buy this design on a Christmas Card here. The addition of this work means that I now have a little collection of Christmas themed designs – if you fancy taking a look they are available on things here.

I would love to know what you think about these, any feedback would be welcome.

Funny design for Christmas

I’ve always really loved Christmas. This year feels like it has raced past and I’ll be heading home for the holidays in just three weeks. In my family we have always taken a pretty relaxed approach to the day, spending most of it sipping fizz and hanging out in front of the telly in our pyjamas. I think we are pretty lucky in that everyone seems to get along ok at Christmas, which can be a fraught time. It’s not always perfect, but I don’t ever remember a big Christmas falling out. Last year I put up a quirky little doodle on my facebook and instagram pages to say Happy Christmas to everyone. I had a little look at it this morning, and decided to give it a few photoshop tweaks. I think ‘be nice to each other’ is a good rule of thumb over this hectic and sometimes tense few days. If I had a proper business head on me I would probably have put this out quite a bit sooner, but never mind. It’s now available on things at Redbubble here (As type this Redbubble are offering a site wide 20% off apparel – you’ll need this code at the check out GIFTON20, expires midnight today (26.11.2017))

redbubble christmas card

I think the trick for us is the ‘being together’. We are pretty good at concentrating on spending that time together, and we aren’t too focussed on the consumerist elements of it. We like to sit together and have a laugh about silly things, and play with the tiny dogs that my family have become a bit obsessed with over the last few years. It’s nor very exciting or glamorous, but it works for us, anyway.

What do you guys get up to over the holiday season?