Reasons to be grateful: surprise flowers in in garden

wp-15947408780321689890225541638854.jpg When we moved to our new house in December the garden was in hibernation mode and the most we could see was a series of twigs and branches in various parts of the garden, some of which we were not even sure were alive. Then spring arrived and the garden began to bloom. Given we have been living these last few months through a lock down, I have been especially grateful for these surprises. wp-15947501648844284013960930436245.jpg For example we have found that the previous occupants of the house have left all sorts of wonderful surprises, like this rose in a pot. wp-15947410109828874198310336218721.jpg And these Forget Me Nots, which feel a bit symbolic as they are the flower that the design for my engagement ring is based on. wp-15947500376754887138710586271147.jpg Perhaps the surprise I have enjoyed the most has been the discovery of the hibiscus bushes that line our fence. When we first moved in they looked to me as if they were a bunch of dead samplings that would need to be removed. But we didn’t get round to it. Now, well into this British summer, they have rewarded out inactivity by beginning to bloom. wp-15947408993682642372022060491397.jpg  

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I entered another Threadless competition…

So I entered another design to Threadless. Threadless have a rolling competition that you can enter your designs to and get the Threadless community to vote and comment on your stuff. It’s lots of fun, and helps other people get to see your stuff, which may help you build a following and possibly sell somethings. I entered the design below this time, which unfortunately is anatomically backwards, but never mind.This is the photoshopped, finished off collage of this piece here. I’ll write a blog soon about how I got there.

If you click on the link here it should take you through to my entry, where you could vote for it, if you wanted to.

Sunshine on my heart, a cool t-shirt design

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