Reasons to be greatful #8 – autumn sunshine

It’s been a bit quiet over here recently. I’ve been trying to manage some pretty rubbish fatigue, which I think may be linked to my on going efforts to try to balance out my hormones and manage my PCOS through changes to my diet and exercise. At the moment it feels a bit like trying to deal with infertility strips out many of life’s pleasures. At least the kind of pleasures that you put in your mouth. I’ve almost stopped boozing completely (and I was a very British drinker), coffee is on its way out and cakes and chocolate have to go too.

But there is an upside. Autumn is here, bringing with it some light, crisp days that make everything beautiful.

This is also the season of rich red colours. Turning leaves and ripening berries abound. And delicate mushrooms too.

Last weekend I was in the Cotswolds with my parents and my fiance. We were able to get out into the woods for the afternoon, to stumble through the leaves and catch a few hours of that delicate warm sunshine.

Some people I know find autumn and winter a depressing time. The light is fading. The leaves fall and begin to decay. Personally I love autumn and winter. Creatively, I find much more to be inspired by in autumn, than I do in the heavy hot days of summer. I feel it is a time of creative and natural renewal. The falling leaves create a thick and rich mulch in preparation for next year’s green shoots. I am greatful for the fresh cool air and crisp bright sunshine of autumn in the British country side.

I also make art. You can things with my designs on at my shop here. Could even treat yourself if you wanted to. Just saying.

It may feel like winter now, but spring is coming

I was going to post this kind of thing over the weekend but am pretty tired right now and felt that, given recent events, taking a bit more time to think about things was appropriate. It’s autumn in the UK. I really love autumn and I really love spring in the UK. I feel at my most creative in these seasons that bring about profound changes in our environment. 

At the weekend I was with family in the Cotswolds and had some time to get out with the boyfriend into the woods. I really love being in the woods, tramping about in fallen leaves and taking in big lungfulls of air freshly oxygenated by the busy trees. Kissing over kissing gates. It’s relatively well established now that spending time in green spaces is good for us. It can lower blood pressure and improve our sense of wellbeing.

There is a deep wisdom to be found in the woods. You can see this in the vibrant last flare of autumn, the bedding down of leaf mulch and slow winter decay. The rotting leaves release nutrients back into the soil, preparing the ground for the furious blooming of spring to follow. You can also see it in the busy, vibrant and glorious displays if diversity. In this, I believe nature shows us the way.

I’ve been thinking about these cycles of decay and of renewal. It may feel at the moment for many that we are sinking into a state of spirutal, moral and intellectual decay. This is a moment we should pay attention to. It’s time to bed down and prepare the ground for the spring that may come. It’s a time to decide what kind of ideas, what kind of people and movements, what kind of blooms, in all their splendid diversity, we will nature into growth in the coming spring. It’s time to make plans about how we can give those blooms our fullest support. It may feel very much like winter now, but spring is coming.