A little clip from my documentary, a long time work in progress

I have been working for some time on a documentary about a lovely man called Stuart Hughes for some time now. I really long time, actually. The outcome will probably be quite different to what I initially planned, as it’s a bit like ideas have been sitting in a slow cooker.

I have finally managed to put a little clip up on Vimeo. I would love to know what you think. You can have a here:

It started with a short wave radio… from Rose Thompson on Vimeo.

Fancy some things with my things on? My designs are available here. If you wanted to. Just saying: Threadless Redbubble Society 6 

Street poetry

Seen while out and about – street poetry. I rather like the sentiment, I’ve been working on a film that will look (if I ever finish) at how we can tell good, authentic stories about trauma and distress. It’s a complicated thing, because while our brains like simple, linear stories, people’s lives are often far more messy than that.I think at the moment my question is how do you tell a good story about a whole person, rather than an event?

What do you think.

 So a bit of a thought in progress – more to follow I think.

Works in progress

I’ve spent a lot of time today trying to finish some artwork for my documentary. I’ve been trying to us a mix of different textures when choosing paper and I think the end result looks nice at the moment. The process is very time consuming, and I think I’m going to need to factor in more time per animated sequence. 

I’ve been reading about the slow movement recently and see parallels in my chosen materials and methods at the moment. The time needed to complete the pieces I’m working on at the moment means that the results emerge slowly, and I have to have a bit of patience with the process. Rushing this kind of work may lead to quicker results, but the are frequently less successful than the ones I develop slowly, with plenty of thinking time built into the process.