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I’ve been developing a practice in collage, film making and playwriting over the last few years. Most of my work involves bringing stories, ideas, digital resources and materials together in some form or another. I’d be best described as a collagist, although I think I prefer ‘Maker’. ‘Mixed media artist’ has never sat that well with me. In my work I use a lot of paper (both recycled and fine arts quality), glue, cloth, interesting buttons, beads and objects, and lights. On this page I’ve collected together some of the materials I’m enjoying at the moment, in case you may want to try them out. The links here are affiliate links, which means I’d get a couple of pence back if you bought any of that stuff through them. If you like what’s happening on the Magpie at Midnight and wanted to try any of these things out, click a link. I would appreciate it. If it’s not for you I hope you are enjoying the content on the rest of the site.

I am currently enjoying:


I’m really liking using Modge Podge with a gloss finish at the moment. I tend to build up a few layers of paper and glue. This particular glue dries to a hard, shell like glossy finish, which I like. It has the effect of transforming paper which is fragile, into something that feels more like an exoskeleton. Love this.


I tend to use a whole range of different papers and card from a number of sources. Much of the paper I use is recycled, old shopping bags, making paper, wrapping paper and discarded note books have all been in the mix.

Where I have invested in fine arts quality paper I have liked the following for their weight and texture;

Papermania premium textured cardstock – I bought an assortment pack with 75 sheets of different colours and have liked using this in my paper cut work in particular because of the variety of colour. The texture on this paper is really nice if you are looking for contrast in textures. Acid free so likely to fade less quickly than some other commercial papers.

Daler Rowney Murano range of papers – I’ve bought both the Warm and the Cool colours range and have really liked it. It has a texture that differs from the papermania above, making them look really nice in a paper cut combination, and the colours are nice and rich. Acid free so likely to fade less quickly than some other commercial papers.


This was probably my most exciting discovery this year was the YIHONG fairy string lights. These are tiny LED lights on copper wire with a tiny battery pack. The battery life is 72 hours and the lights are safe to be threaded through costume clothing or (as I do) mounted behind cloth so they can shine through and illuminate an art work. I love these – best discovery of the year.

Copper foil tape

This is a building supply material, rather than an arts material, but I really like the rich warmth of copper and like to add it into my art where possible. These rolls of sticky back copper foil tape are cheap and ideal for adding shiny highlights to some of the bits I like to produce. You can also cut this with scissors making it usable in paper cut work.

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