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The Octopus. Copyright Rose Thompson.


Like what you see on The Magpie at Midnight? Fancy owning some artwork of your own? Read on.

I take a particular approach to doing commissions which may be a little unfamiliar and won’t be for everyone. The work I produce is mostly symbolic and often relates to stories or narratives I’ve heard. To produce a commission for you I would want to have a chat, either by email or by Skype about some moment or story that is meaningful for you. My aesthetic tends towards something that is quite romantic and slightly magical looking, incorporating lights and mixed media. It may be possible to incorporate small objects that have meaning for you as well. I would then produce an idea, and a sketch before producing the final art work. Work produced in this way is unique, and it will relate to your personal story and yours alone.


You can contact me about commissions at:

Prints and accessories

A limited collection of prints of my designs are available through my Threadless Artist Shop here.