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I am a mixed media artist using a combination of physical and digital design techniques. I am particularly interested in the relationship between art, creativity and mental health, and have been exploring what these may mean through my own practice as an artist.


I have an eclectic range of interests, have in the past studied biology, human anatomy and physiology, natural and social sciences. I draw inspiration from these interests, and from nature, myth and the messy realities of human relationships. While I have been experimenting with digital collage techniques for some time, working by hand with physical materials and techniques are important to me. The physical handling of materials forms the core of my work and artistic process. My work features strong lines and silhouettes, and experiments with different combinations of colour and texture. I work with a range of arts quality and recycled papers, cotton or muslin cloth that has been coated with glue, and other materials, including gaffer tape, copper wire and found objects.

As my art practice has evolved, I have increasingly become drawn to work that is ‘slow’. The process through which I work has come to embody the ideas patience and mindfulness. For example, I use hundreds of paper flowers in my pieces. Each flower is ‘free’ cut by hand so each flower is, in its own way, unique. These flowers are then arranged by hand to form core elements or motifs within my work. My hope is that the slow, time consuming nature of the techniques I use translate into the experience of seeing my work. A short glance will reveal attractive combinations of colour and shapes. Taking a longer, more mindful approach to seeing may reveal small details, tiny cuts and combinations of textures that are not immediately obvious.



I also work with storytelling, animation and documentary film making and draw great inspiration from being in and walking in natural environments. All of these influences find their way into my art in some way or another.

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