About the Magpie

dscn1174Hi, My name is Rose. I’m the Magpie at the Magpie at Midnight. I’m what some people call a Scanner, or a multipotentalite. This means that I have many different interests that often don’t have an obvious link to each other to the outside observer. I created this site as a way of beginning to collect these things together in a kind of artistic idea collage.


Over the last 15 years I’ve been interested in, and to some extent have studied and (worked in research) in all sorts of areas, including medicine, psychology, mental health, social sciences, storytelling, film making, animation, and art.

I’m particularly interested in the link between art, craft and mental health. I’ve recently become interested in starting my own business along these lines and am in the process of setting that up. I’ll be blogging about my research into doing that, hopefully doing some interviews with some other small business type people and generally keeping a tab of how things go. I have some of my best creative moments while walking in green spaces and in the woods, I’ll be blogging about some of that too.

My arts practice at the moments mostly involves working with different forms of paper and different ways of using silhouettes, cut and drawn lines and experimenting with different ways of using texture. All of the art work or photographs on the blog are made by me, mostly works of progress, unless stated otherwise. If you like what you see and have an idea for a creative projects you can email me at rose@magpieatmidnight.co.uk

You can also follow me on instagram here and view some of my video work here

Some of my designs are available as prints at my Threadless Artist Shop here.