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Putting things down, picking things up, starting again

Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a slow return to working on two projects that I started last year. At the beginning of last year I took a course in documentary film making and I took two courses … Continue reading

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Midweek making

​​ So this is what I get up to midweek, while watching old episodes of Startrek. Exciting times….

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Alyssa Monks: Beauty in imperfections

I’ve just watched this TED talk by the painter Alyssa Monks about her art and how it changed after a the loss of her mother. Definitely worth a watch.

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Crowdfunding, peer to peer investing, and passive income

When I started this blog a few months ago one of the things I wanted to experiment with was generating income from sources other than my job. The aim is to reduce my hours a bit and have more time … Continue reading

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You are here by Jenny Lawson

So being ill can have an up side sometimes. I’ve been unwell with some awful head cold [wo]man flu and haven’t been able to do much work. I’ve been mostly sleeping, drinking honey and lemon, and watching telly, with a … Continue reading

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Lolling about and playing with photoshop

I’ve not been very well so instead of doing a bunch of important things including working out some of my tax bits and pieces I’ve been lolling about on the sofa watching the telly and playing with glue, and teaching … Continue reading

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Re-blog: Building creative confidence

I’m not feeling well this weekend and so am mostly lounging about in my pyjamas in front of the telly and making chicken noodle soup. I did want to share this from the Adonis Diaries blog – it’s the transcript … Continue reading

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