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My first re-blog…

I’m pretty new to blogging but one of the blogs I have been following is Craft and Other Crazy plans. She’s suggested we do some re-blogging this morning so here I am – in particular check out her A-Z of … Continue reading

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Business bites: bank accounts

I’ve gained a load of new followers this week. Hello! So lovely to see you over here. For the who are new (which is the majority) one of the threads running through this blog is a exploration of how easy … Continue reading

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Pleasure in working my craft

I’ve been blogging over the last week or two about how making has been helpful to me when it comes to mental health and managing anxiety. When I first began to contemplate this subject on this blog I drew the … Continue reading

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Making and mental health: slowing down

A few weeks ago I posted a piece about my making and mindfulness. I’ve had the day off work today and have been thinking a bit more about why making things seem to work so well for me in bringing … Continue reading

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Business Bites: the ‘getting started’ to do list

I think I’ve been blogging for about a month now and I thought it would be a good time to take stock of where I’ve got to on this ‘I’ll just set up my own business, that’ll be simple’ path … Continue reading

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Making and mindfulness

I recently did a mindfulness course to help manage the anxiety I’ve been experiencing around work and other aspects of my life (mostly work at the moment). We did lots of meditations and breathing exercises and lying on the floor, … Continue reading

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On micro-pubs and kissing gates and playing in the woods

Things in Britain have been a bit grim, of late. As a people we have been subject to deeply irresponsible campaigning and stark poverty of leadership by our politicians which had led to a horrible legacy of resentment, snobbish accusations … Continue reading

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